Creeper Locks Sectional Beadlock Rings



Need to replace your damaged beadlock ring? Trail-Gear is now offering a sectional beadlock ring for your 17” beadlock wheel. No longer will you need to purchase a full beadlock ring to replace damage from the abuse on the trail. Now you have the option to replace individual sections of the ring at a fraction of the cost of a full ring. Our new Creeper Locks Sectional Beadlock Rings offer a variety of advantages over a traditional single beadlock ring:

  • Interlocking design.
  • Aggressive knurling for a better bite into the rubber of the tire.
  • Increased material thickness.
  • Deeper recesses for the bolt head.
  • Single segments can be replaced if damaged.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Compatible with all existing TG 17” beadlock wheels.

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